House Fire
2001 Seattle Earthquake


Luci LanternLuci Lanterns are here!

Perfect for camping & outdoors, search & rescue, power outages, roadside assistance & even a dorm room. Charge time of 8 hours yields a minimum of 6-12 hours of light.
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 “Solar Justice” Movement Set in Motion to Light Up Lives with Good Energy – Just in Time for Earth Day
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Emergency-Pac Featured on

Disasters can and usually do strike unexpectedly. Emergency personnel may be overwhelmed; lives, health and the environment can be seriously affected.

Before a disaster occurs, plan and be prepared so you can take care of yourself, family, pets and home. Our purpose is to have readily available backpacks with emergency supplies and provisions for the home owner, businesses and schools. Let our Emergency-Pac get you ready one person or one group at a time.

Disasters are powerful reminders of how important it is for all of us to be prepared. Let us give you peace of mind by assisting you in being prepared for any emergency.

We have chosen the Northwest Kidney Foundation as our selected charity. They are devoted to helping people with the many challenges of kidney disease. They have a place close to our hearts.

To inspire people to become more involved in their own protection and preparedness – anonymous.