About Emergency-Pac

Emergency – Pac is my passion! We offer packs with medical and emergency supplies for use at a moment’s notice for  any disaster, from a power outage to an earthquake. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind and to prepare you for the unexpected.

Parents are always concerned for their children’s safety. My two sons attended an elementary school on an island. A major disaster such as an earthquake could close the bridges separating many parents from their children. As a concerned parent, I volunteered to lead the emergency preparedness committee. We complimented the school’s disaster plan, working with the City to help support our program and maintain a cargo container housing most of our emergency supplies. Our committee’s planning and preparedness was so thorough, the school was designated as a neighborhood shelter.

Volunteering with a church group in Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina was an incredible opportunity to gain more experience in emergency preparedness. Our group served hundreds of meals each day to people in need, mucked out homes and established an outdoor service for families to get necessary provisions such as water, toiletries, cleaning supplies, linens and school supplies.

I volunteer for the Red Cross as a Client Casework Responder. Teams responds to a disaster and assist the recovery effort by helping families meet basic emergency needs.

Based on first-hand experience, we have developed the Emergency-Pac product line to support individuals, families and businesses. They are perfect for a college student, a gift for clients or friends. Many purchase an Emergency-Pac and store it in their car for that unexpected emergency. Other products are available but not shown on our website. Please ask, and we will do our best to locate them for you.

– Paula Spence