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Life Gear

Life+Gear is dedicated to working hands-on at every level to develop and promote innovative everyday products engineered with life saving capabilities. Life+Gear invents, manufactures, and markets every-day-use products that also have life saving potential. This unique approach has resulted in a broad appeal for the product line in virtually all classes of retail trade.

With Life+Gear, you’ll feel more secure about protecting you and your family wherever you go as well as the environment. Reuse your Life+Gear Glow gear many times over, recycle your batteries through Life+Gear’s recycle program, and feel good about the non-toxic materials.


Glow FlashlightEasy to operate, compact, waterproof flashlight for everyday use. Read maps, signal your friends, or brighten up the picnic table with this combination flasher and flashlight. Not only will you feel comforted by the reliability of this bright LED light but you can even use the handle for storing keys or money.

Price: $7.99


Glow SpotlightPowerful, multi-use spot light/lantern with 2 CFL light bulbs. Not only does this spot light provide a useful source of bright light but also allows for emergency signaling with the use of the LED flasher mode. This multi-function light functions as an LED spot light and also as a lantern with dual CFL bulbs with super bright glowing light.

Price: $25.99


Highland Series + FlasherThe Highland Series flashlights ensure durability with high quality aircraft grade aluminum.
Be seen for miles while hiking or camping outdoors. These powerfully bright LED flashlights are reliable, multi-use and guaranteed to keep your path to safety, illuminated.

Price: $28.00