“The EMERGENCY PAC is an ideal gift to give to a new home owner. It is something that they will have the comfort of knowing that they have in the event that they ever need to use it. I highly recommend the purchase of these PACs as a gift or for your own use.” -Dwight, Realtor

“Just like the American Express card, don’t get in your car without it! We have one in each of our cars and would not travel without them. All of the bases are covered in case of an emergency. Living in New Hampshire, you never know when the weather will turn. -Gayle, Newfields, New Hampshire

“As parents of a son who is driving half way across the country to get to his college, we know that he would have emergency care available in the pack if he got into certain situations. It just feels like good insurance.” -Lisa, Wenatchee, WA

“Paula’s passion for emergency preparedness grew out of her love for her children. Our children went to a school on an island. In an emergency, Paula knew it might take some time before she would be able to reunite with her children. She wanted to insure her children had a plan for safety. She volunteered to be the coordinator for the school’s plan. She researched, met with the Fire Department, the Police Department, and accumulated a plan for each child, the school and the community as well as an appropriate schedule for insuring this plan was regularly updated. It is still in operation today. Her emergency back packs were created with years of experience and knowledge. I highly recommend these unique necessary additions to every home.” -Pam, Mercer Island, WA

“Two years ago on my way home from skiing I got stuck for several hours in a fierce New England snow storm. Though I had my ski gear and could stay relatively warm, I did not have any real emergency provisions. I vowed that would never happen again. Though I have not had to use it, we now have an Emergency-Pac’s in all of our cars (and one at home). We have also taken your advice and added a variety of personal items to each. Thanks for doing this for us (we probably wouldn’t have put together the packs ourselves).” -Roy, from N.H.

“My husband, daughter and I took a road trip in our motor home. We travelled from Washington across Idaho, Montana, North & South Dakota. I was relieved that we had our Emergency-Pac and it was readily available if needed. There is peace of mind knowing that we always have it travelling as well as in our vehicles.”
-Jane, Issaquah, WA