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25 Year Shelf Life

Ready-made meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers. Our unique packaging process removes the majorith of the residual oxygen through a vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing practice. Wise Company ready-made meals carry a shelf life of up to 25 years, with no rotation needed. That’s 25 years without the stress of wondering if your family will have enough good, useable food when emergency strikes. Because our entrees won‟t need to be rotated every few years like other food storage products, buying Wise Foods will save you thousands of dollars long-term as the cost of food keeps going up. By investing in Wise meals you will again be saving thousands of dollars over the years.

Great Taste:

Wise’s variety of entrees and breakfasts are not only hearty and nutritious, but also so, so delicious! We‟ve contracted with professional chefs to come up with menu items that both adults and children will love. Each meal is made up of both freeze-dried and or dehydrated components and carefully sealed in its 4-serving mylar pouch. You can be sure that when it‟s re-hydrated and heated, it will have the same enticing taste and aroma as the day it was first prepared. . .

Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Advantages:
• Food maintains its original flavor, shape, color, and texture
• Food retains its nutritional value
• Food is condensed in size
• With nearly all its water extracted, food is extremely light weight
• With addition of water, food is quickly and completely reconstituted
• Wise customers enjoy peace of mind because of the food‟s long shelf life